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Teresa DeGolier

Job Title

  • Professor of Biological Sciences
    Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

Started at Bethel



  • Calvin College - B.A., 1980
  • Florida Atlantic University - M.S., 1990
  • University of Minnesota - Ph.D., 1994

Research interests

DeGolier’s research interests include smooth muscle physiology and pharmacology in vitro, peptide regulation of gastrointestinal, uterine, and vascular smooth muscle motility, and the use of herbs in alternative medicine.

Courses Taught

  • BIO216/217 Human Physiology
  • GES328 Nutrition: The Total Diet
  • BIO122/122D Introduction to Organismic Biology
  • BIO399 Introduction to Research
  • BIO376/377 Animal Physiology


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