(Lily) Xiaoqing Huang

Job Titles

  • Adjunct Instructor
    Business Management (B.A.), College of Adult and Professional Studies
  • Adjunct Instructor
    Accounting (B.S.), College of Adult and Professional Studies
    Finance (B.S.) College of Adult and Professional Studies
    Management Information Systems (B.S.) College of Adult and Professional Studies
    Associate of Arts (A.A.) College of Adult and Professional Studies


* Learner: I love to learn. I am a quick learner and I can master skills in a short period of time. * Achiever: I am productive. I welcome new tasks and challenges to achieve results and goals. * Planner: I like to see the whole picture, find the best route and plan things in advance. * Exerciser: I practice simple ballet, yoga, Zumba and swimming. I like hiking in nature.

Started at Bethel



  • Guangxi Normal University, China - Bachelor of Science (Mathematics Education), 1994
  • Guangxi University, China - Master of Science (Applied Mathematics), 2003
  • University of Northwestern - St. Paul - MBA, 2017


 I grew up and worked in China as a college math teacher and then an economics researcher & project director. At May 2013, I immigrated to U.S. because I married my wonderful husband Erik. In the past several years, I pursued MBA, worked remotely for two research projects for my institute in China, meanwhile, had baby and took care of him. Now my happy boy is ready to go to preschool and I am beginning a new career! 

Courses Taught

Mathematics in Real Life; Managerial Mathematics & Statistics 


* Sole author of one book, Predictive Methods and Applications for City Growth, Social Science Academic Press, China, December 2013. In this book, Innovative dynamic models are created to predict urbanization progress and city growth which are measured by a set of interactive indicators: GDP, population, power consumption and land-use. 

* Sole author of 13 academic articles, published in journals such as Statistics and Decision-making, Computer Simulation, Economic and Social Development, etc.

Certificates and Licenses

* Certificate, Multilateral Trade and Port Management, Georgetown University, 2011.

* Certificate, Logistics and Port Management, Kaplan University, 2011.