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Mentorship Opportunities

BethelBiz connects students in the Department of Business and the Department of Communication Studies with mentors, giving them a chance to develop professional skills and explore new areas of interest. We bring faith and work together by matching God-given talents and passions to make an impact—personally, professionally, and corporately. Mentorship is an essential resource for growth, and we promote honest and constructive feedback between mentor and mentee.

Become a Mentor

BethelBiz seeks business professionals to mentor Bethel students. Your shared faith in Jesus, mutual experiences, and professional experience provide the groundwork to build an impactful relationship with your mentee.

Become a Mentee

BethelBiz connects students like you to experienced professionals to enhance your skills, grow your faith, and help you follow your calling. You’ll receive honest and constructive feedback, build a professional network, and gain perspective as you start your career. Leadership positions are also available: Contact the BethelBiz team about our fellow positions.