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BethelBiz connects students in the Department of Business and Economics with mentors, giving them a chance to develop professional skills and explore new areas of interest. We bring faith and work together by matching God-given talents and passions to make an impact—personally, professionally, and corporately. Mentorship is an essential resource for growth, and we promote honest and constructive feedback between mentor and mentee.

Become a Mentor

BethelBiz seeks business professionals—whether you’re a Bethel alumnus or not—to mentor Bethel students. Your shared faith in Jesus, mutual experiences, and professional experience provide the groundwork to build an impactful relationship with your mentee.

Become a Mentee

BethelBiz connects students like you to experienced professionals to enhance your skills, grow your faith, and help you follow your calling. You’ll receive honest and constructive feedback, build a professional network, and gain perspective as you start your career.

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