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The BethelBiz mentorship program runs for the academic calendar year, kicking off the last week of September and concluding the first week of May. The mentorship program requires a full academic year commitment (we do not accept applications for one semester). Mentors and mentees meet individually once a month. We also expect mentors and mentees to attend our three main events each year: a kickoff event in late September, a mid-year event focused on giving students opportunities for career exploration, and a year-end celebration. BethelBiz is designed to be student-driven, with students responsible for scheduling monthly meetings and bringing topics to discuss. The program is designed for sophomore, junior, and senior undergrad business students and communication students at Bethel. In addition, we have many students who participate from other majors like political science, computer science, and those pursuing roles in the healthcare sector.

Our Vision

We connect students with alumni and business professionals to pursue faith as a community and to follow our callings together. Our mentors serve as guides, friends, and resources who help pave the way for students to succeed at Bethel and, ultimately, in the business world. Then we strive to embody our faith in the workplace and pursue Christ in every facet of our lives.

Our Mission

BethelBiz pairs students with a mentor to promote excellence in the business community, the classroom, and the church. By investing in the life of a mentee, our mentors help prepare them to lead and serve with excellence in every aspect of life.

Our Values

Throughout the mentoring process, BethelBiz promotes the values of intentionality, transparency, and accountability: 

  • Intentionality: Deliberately focus your efforts and take the actions needed to have a successful mentorship. For example, be intentional in setting clear and specific goals, be intentional in meeting preparation, and demonstrate initiative and an eagerness to learn. 
  • Transparency: Be open and vulnerable. Listen well. Be yourself, share your struggles, challenges, and failures. The more you open up, the deeper the connection. 
  • Accountability: Take ownership and personal responsibility for the goals set for the relationship. For example, hold yourself and your mentor/mentee accountable for responsiveness, timeliness, and open and honest communication.