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Developing compassionate leaders in healthcare

Bethel’s healthcare programs will help you advance your career by equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel. It’s about highly-regarded graduates, distinguished faculty, relevant instruction, a convenient schedule, valuable networking, and community, all within a Christian learning environment. It’s about integrating the most current research and firsthand experience, preparing you to care for patients with confidence, compassion, and grace.

Our Programs

Human Services (B.A.)

With a human services degree, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to apply your compassion for others to a career in the helping professions, such as career and disability services, corrections, and mental health. It will also prepare you for master’s degrees in areas like gerontology and counseling psychology.

Nursing (RN to B.S.N.)

Through Bethel’s RN to B.S.N program, you’ll learn how to provide meaningful care that promotes the health of people from diverse families, communities, and systems. This program requires you have an unencumbered US RN license. If you are not a registered nurse, check out our pre-licensure nursing program.

Counseling (M.A.)

In Bethel’s M.A. in Counseling program, you’ll gain expertise in clinical mental health counseling so that you’re ready to serve clients in diverse settings.

Marriage and Family Therapy (M.A.)

In Bethel’s M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy program, you’ll gain expertise in clinical practice and theory—in combination with Christian theology—so that you’re ready to earn your license and provide holistic therapy in diverse settings.

Nurse-Midwifery (M.S.)

As a nurse-midwife, you’ll be prepared to work on the front lines of primary care in urban and rural settings, providing sexual and reproductive healthcare for holistic management and support of health throughout the lifespan. As our health environment changes, nurse-midwifery is projected to remain an important field that will only increase in demand.

Physician Assistant (M.S.)

As a physician assistant, you’ll provide services as varied as healthcare itself. You’ll perform medical procedures, write prescriptions, and even have the background for further education so you can teach, conduct research, or engage in healthcare administration.

Addiction Studies Certificate

Our Addiction Studies Certificate will help you get started in a social services career. You’ll learn how to apply research and evidence-based practices to your counseling practice as you assist individuals dealing with addiction.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate

Our certificate program will strengthen your counseling skills and prepare you for licensure in Minnesota as an alcohol and drug counselor

Senior Care Leadership and Administration Certificate

Bethel’s certificate in senior care leadership and administration is designed to custom-fit the lives of busy adults across the country. The program's online format allows you to complete your coursework in your home community, empowering you to apply what you’ve learned in your unique context. All courses are five-weeks, and with dynamic enrollment, you can start any time and earn your degree in as little as one year.


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