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Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate

Alcohol and drug counseling is about more than treatment. It’s about helping others transform their lives.

The Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate at Bethel will prepare you to begin a career helping others overcome addiction. You’ll learn how to take counseling theory and research and apply it to your practice. And our program focuses on up-to-date, evidence-based care that focuses on treating the whole-person, affecting mind, body, and spirit. This, combined with a Christian worldview, will give you a strong foundation in alcohol and drug counseling that will support your career in social work, mental health, congregational care, and other areas.

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Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate

Our certificate program will boost your counseling skills and prepare you for licensure in Minnesota as an alcohol and drug counselor.

Delivery Fully Online
Location Online
Credits 26
Cost per Credit $None
Estimated Total Cost $11,180*

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* These costs are estimated and subject to change.

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Program Highlights

Meets requirements for certification

Courses meet the 880 hour (9-12 month) practical experience requirement for certification in Minnesota as an alcohol and drug counselor (LADC) as prescribed by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy.

Develops core counselor skills

Learn personal, interpersonal, and professional skills needed for effective addictions counseling, including ethical practices and sensitivity to diversity.

Online courses

All courses are online, so you can balance the time commitment of your practical experience with course requirements.


Our graduates can take the skills gained from our Addiction Studies Certificate and Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate programs to become competent, effective counselors.


Learn how to:

  • Practice evidence-based addictions counseling
  • Screen, assess, and design addictions treatment plans
  • Practice intercultural sensitivity in addictions counseling
  • Integrate a Christian worldview with addictions counseling
  • Navigate the professional and ethical issues faced by addictions counselors

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