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Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Science

Study what you love. Grow into the person you want to be.

In Bethel’s Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Science, you can follow your passions and cultivate skills that span our disciplines, including research, critical thinking, and writing. In each class, you’ll integrate your Christian faith into your coursework as you learn to better empathize with others and explore multiple perspectives and cultures. Our graduates have careers in a variety of sectors, including business, law, healthcare, nonprofits, government, and education.

Majors, Minors, and Programs

Applied Philosophy Major
Business and Political Science Major
Classics Endorsement Program Program
Digital Humanities Minor Minor
Gender Studies Minor Minor
History Major Minor
International Relations Major
Military and Diplomatic Studies Endorsement Program Program
Philosophy Minor Minor
Political Science Major Minor
Pre-Law Minor Minor
Social Studies Education 5-12 Major

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Pursue your passions.

You will experience a community of intellectually curious students and professors who love to discuss a wide range of ideas while staying rooted in their Christian faith. You can explore history, studying everything from ancient Rome to modern America, exploring significant social, cultural, religious, and political developments from the past. Studying philosophy, you’ll ask the hard questions—about the nature of self, the meaning of life, the problem of evil and suffering, contemporary moral issues—all from Christian perspectives. Exploring political science, you'll be equipped to serve our world as an engaged, thoughtful, and faith-filled citizen with deep knowledge of the inner workings of political and social institutions of our world.


of recent alumni say their studies enhanced their writing, critical thinking, and research abilities

6 majors, 6 minors, and 2 endorsements available in the department

Program Highlights

Student employment

Many of our students work as teaching assistants who work closely with faculty and gain valuable experience in teaching, research, or administration. There are also many internships with local organizations like the Minnesota Legislature and Minnesota Historical Society, and our Digital Humanities majors obtain work experience in a variety of settings.

Career and grad school preparation

Many college graduates pursue a few different jobs before settling on a long-term career. We train you to think critically and creatively, analyze carefully, and write clearly—skills that transfer to any career. Our graduates have gone on to success in law, business, education, nonprofit work, and graduate school.

Faith integration

We study the core questions of history, philosophy, and political science from systematic Christian perspectives of various traditions. Our courses integrate faith, ethics, and commitments to justice into the course material, all with the goal of helping you formulate your unique voice in your faith journey.


Our majors are designed to make it easy for you to double major, study abroad, finish in three years, or add minors to broaden your career options.

What can I do with a degree from this department?

Studying history, philosophy, or political science is excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers—and for further education. According to a 2021 survey, almost all of our recent graduates said that their studies had improved their writing (99%), critical thinking (96%), and research (93%)—three of the abilities most prized by employers of all types, and crucial to later success in graduate and professional schools.


Our graduates go on to work in:

  • Business (30%)
  • Education (25%)
  • Politics, government, and law (20%)
  • Health care and ministry (10%)
  • Nonprofits (10%)
Visit our blog to see a map of where some of our alumni are pursuing their callings.

Graduate Schools

Our alumni go on to study at:

  • Big Ten universities (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana)
  • Ivy League schools (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Penn)
  • Leading seminaries and law schools.

Almost 60% of our alumni have completed or are completing a graduate degree.

While some alumni continue their studies in their undergraduate disciplines, others use grad school to enter fields as diverse as business management, educational administration, law, library science, medicine and dentistry, ministry and theology, public administration and public policy, and social work.


Earn awards, grants, and scholarships.

Bethel University offers the Arts and Humanities Scholarship to incoming students. Through this program, one full-tuition and several $10,000/year scholarships are awarded to deserving students planning to pursue majors in these academic areas.