Sara Shady

Job Titles

  • Professor of Philosophy
    History, Philosophy, and Political Science College of Arts and Sciences
  • Associate Dean for Academic Inclusive Excellence
    Bethel University
  • Professor
    Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership, Graduate School


Shady's teaching focuses on fostering healthy communities amidst significant difference, including racial/ethnic, religious, and political differences. She is also interested in how we teach empathy. And she is a specialist in 19th and 20th c. Continental Philosophy, particularly Existentialism

Started at Bethel



  • Taylor University - B.A. in Philosophy, 1998
  • University of South Carolina - Ph.D. in Philosophy, 2003

Areas of expertise

Shady's interests include the construction of healthy communities and political societies; the role of religion in politics, especially inter-faith dialogue; and early to mid-20th century Continental philosophy.