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A philosophy minor can help you develop skills that can set you apart from job candidates who took a narrower range of college courses. You'll learn to think critically and analyze carefully, and you'll be challenged to think about the largest questions and issues of life. What's better than studying these in a small department, with other students who have similar interests, led by professors whose passion is to teach? And the philosophy minor is small and flexible, requiring only 5 or 6 courses. It can complement nearly any major.

What can I do with this degree?

  • Use critical thinking skills in any career field
  • Prepare for graduate school entrance exams such as the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT
  • Develop skills for ministry work
  • Complement and enhance another major

What skills will I develop?

  • Excellent writing and research
  • Oral communication
  • Critical reasoning skills: the ability to recognize and assess arguments or claims
  • Creativity: the ability to approach problems in new and interesting ways

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

  • Spend a semester abroad studying philosophy (for example, at Oxford University)
  • Present a paper at an undergraduate philosophy conference
  • Have a paper published in an undergraduate philosophy journal
  • Participate in Philosophy Club events at Bethel
  • Serve as a teaching or research assistant for a philosophy professor