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With a Military and Diplomatic Studies (MDS) Endorsement, you’ll demonstrate that you have experience with the history and modern political context of our military and foreign service experiences. We know many students bring these experiences as part of their lives or part of their aspirations, and this endorsement helps integrate those experiences and aspirations with students’ academic goals.

Why should I study military and diplomatic studies?

You should add the MDS endorsement if you care about the use of force in the world and the modern challenges facing the international system. An enormous amount of politics and industry is dedicated to warfare and the diplomacy necessary to avoid it. This certificate will equip you to engage well in this realm.

What can I do with this degree?

This endorsement is great if you come with military experience and want to translate it into your academic plan. It’s also great if you have aspirations for foreign service or military service and want to equip yourself to carry your education and your faith into that career.

You’ll take four courses—a total of 12-13 credits:


  • Intro to International Relations (POS202U) 
  • One other upper-level political science course—American Foreign Relations (POS310) or Politics of Terrorism and Counterterrorism (POS315)
Choose two history courses from:
  • World War I (HIS230L)
  • World War II (HIS231L)
  • The Cold War (HIS305G)
  • Modern Middle East (HIS356).

What skills will I develop?

You’ll gain a strong exposure to modern issues of diplomacy and warfare, coupled with challenging opportunities for research, critical thinking, and clear communication.

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

No matter your primary major, the Military and Diplomatic Studies Endorsement to build credentials for your future. Many students go on to pursue a career with the military, government, or companies with connections to the defense industry.



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