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The pre-law minor will prepare you for law school and for a variety of legal careers. Although law schools accept students from many majors and do not require any specific pre-law curriculum, the courses included in the pre-law minor will provide a strong foundation for future success.

Why should I study pre-law?

Pre-law is one of Bethel's pre-professional programs, which means you can meet with your advisor to develop a program of courses that fits your interests and prepares you for your next steps. Adding a pre-law minor to your course plan of study will help you prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), law school, and a rewarding career. The LSAT, which is an essential gateway to legal education, examines students’ abilities in reading comprehension as well as logical and analytical reasoning. The pre-law minor, along with the rest of your studies, will equip you with these skills.

What can I do with this degree?

The skills that you cultivate in a pre-law minor are highly transferable. So not only will the pre-law minor equip you for a career in law, but it will help you cultivate skills that will be valuable in a variety of careers in business, nonprofit, government, and politics. In fact, about 10% of the history, philosophy, and political science department’s recent graduates are working in legal professions or have taken their legal training into corporate or government positions. Our alumni have gone on to earn degrees at all three law schools in the Twin Cities (Minnesota, St. Thomas, Mitchell-Hamline) and several beyond Minnesota (Harvard, Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, and Indiana). Read this 2019 roundtable interview with three of our grads to learn more about their path from Bethel to law school and beyond.

What skills will I develop?

Pre-law coursework develops capacities in research, analysis, and writing; deepens knowledge of human behavior and institutions; and cultivates robust philosophical and ethical reasoning that will provide an excellent foundation for law school and a meaningful career.

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

You’ll be able to participate in the Bethel Pre-Law Society, a student organization that hosts law school tours and events such as this Constitution Day lecture by law professor Michael S. Paulsen. You'll take a unique set of stimulating courses in law, economics, political science, history, and philosophy. Bethel also has a mentorship program that connects Bethel students with alumni who have gone on to build successful careers in law. In addition, students interested in pursuing a law degree can join the Bethel Pre-Law Society, a student organization that hosts several events and law school tours each year.

You can also get personalized advice from Bethel’s pre-law advisor. For more, reach out to our department chair


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