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Student Billing FAQ - College of Arts & Sciences

Read through this list of frequently asked questions to learn more about student billing. If you have additional questions, please contact us at 651.638.6208 or send an email to

When is my payment due?

Full Payment or enrollment in the 5-Month Semester Payment Plan is required by August 15th for the Fall term, and January 15th for Spring term. The bill for fall and spring semesters will include, but is not limited to: tuition, room, meal plan, Student Government fee, course fees, music lessons, and parking permits (if applicable). Students are responsible for payment reaching the Business Office when due, regardless of the source of payment. Payment must be received in US dollars. If loans are needed to help meet a financial obligation, students may apply for them through the Office of Financial Aid. Loan applications should be made well in advance for the funds to be disbursed by the beginning of the term. All students enrolled in the Fall term are required to complete their Enrollment Checklist by August 15. For Spring term, all incoming (new students only) are required to complete their Enrollment Checklist by January 15th. If the Enrollment Checklist has not been completed by the dates above there will be a $200 fine assessed on the student account. Enrollment for succeeding terms is dependent on full payment of the previous term’s expenses.

Payment Options:

Full Payment (Option 1)

Full payment for fall semester is due August 15th.

Full payment for interim/spring semester is due January 15th.

Full payment for summer school is due on the first day of summer school.

5 Month Semester Payment Plan (Option 2)

Students have the option to enroll in a 5-Month Semester Payment Plan. Enrollment in the payment plan and payment of the first installment are required prior to the beginning of each semester. The payment plan is not offered for summer school. For details about the Semester Payment Plan read through our payment plan option.

Can I pay online with an electronic check or a credit card?

Yes, students can pay online through Blink > Student Services tab > My Bethel Account > Make a Payment. This will take you to the Touchnet/Bill-Pay site. Click "Make a Payment" and follow the prompts.

  • Online by electronic check : Authorize a one-time payment or automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account with no fee.
  • Online by credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover with a non-refundable fee of 2.75% or $3 minimum, charged by PayPath (processing service).

Learn more about payment options.

How do I receive my monthly statements?

Around the 17th of each month, an email will be sent to the student's Bethel email address alerting them that their Online Monthly Statement is available to view with access instructions. The monthly statements will not be mailed to the home address. Students are responsible to forward monthly statement information to parents or others who are helping to pay their bill. If enrolled in a Semester Payment Plan, the monthly statements will not reflect specific information regarding the payment plan, such as due dates and monthly installment amounts. Specific information regarding the Semester Payment Plan will be found on the Touchnet/Bill-Pay site. However, an email will be sent each time a transaction occurs on the student account.

Can I authorize a parent or another person to view and pay on my student account?

A student can authorize a parent, spouse, or another person to view their account, enroll in a Semester Payment Plan and/or make online payments. Visit Authorized Users for further instructions.

Can I use financial aid to pay for my rent if I live off campus?

Yes, students may request a refund of a credit balance on their student account after the end of the "drop-add" period. Submit your formal request to the Business Office. If there is a PLUS (parent) loan on the account, the Business Office will need permission from the parent for the student to receive the credit balance.

What is a transcript hold?

When full payment has not been received, a transcript hold is placed on the student account. A transcript hold will prevent an official transcript from being printed by the Office of the Registrar.

What is a registration hold?

Registration for classes in succeeding terms is dependent on payment of the previous term's expenses. A student whose account is in arrears will have a registration hold on the account and will not be permitted to register for the subsequent term.

Any student who pays an outstanding balance by check will have their registration dropped (for future terms) if the check is returned from the bank due to non-sufficient funds. The student will not be permitted to re-register until full payment is received. If payment is made via check, the payment must be cleared through the bank before registration is granted.

Any student in good standing on a payment plan (current on their monthly payment installments) will be allowed to register for future terms. If the student fails to pay their remaining monthly installments in full, their registration may be dropped.

Be advised that  students whose registrations have been dropped have no guarantee the same course(s) will be available when they re-register.