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Study Abroad Per Diem

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Why do I need to complete this form?

As a part of your study abroad trip, you are allotted funds to cover your meal expenses. This money is given to you in one lump sum before you leave for your trip.

How will I get these funds?

You can choose how to receive these funds in one of three ways:

  1. Direct Deposit to your bank account.
  2. Direct Deposit to a Charles Schwab bank account. (See below for setup process.)
  3. Check (made out to you).

Deadline to submit Study Abroad Per Diem Form:

Please complete this form no later than December 1st for the Interim term. All forms submitted after the deadline will be issued a check.

This Business office needs this information in order to either fund your account or issue a check before you leave.

When will I get these funds?

Funds will be deposited or checks mailed the week before finals. These funds will be sent to you based on your selection/completion of the form.


Direct Deposit to your bank:

One option is to have funds directly deposited into your bank account. You may want to check with your bank regarding fees you could be charged for international transactions. Most banks will charge a foreign conversion fee from 1% to 3% of the transaction amount or more. Additionally, there is often an ATM fee to your bank in addition to a fee to whichever bank owns the ATM you are using overseas (usually $2).

Direct Deposit to Charles Schwab bank account:

A second option is to set up a High Yield Investor Checking account with Charles Schwab Bank. The Schwab account does not require a minimum balance or charge a foreign currency conversion fee. Additionally, Schwab charges no ATM fees and may reimburse fees you are charged by a foreign bank for ATM use.


A third option is for a check that can be deposited or cashed per your choice. If carrying cash, this will be your responsibility, if lost or stolen, it will not be replaced by Bethel University.

Please note: Routing numbers and account numbers can be found on paper checks. If you do not have paper checks, they are often available online. Please make sure to include the direct deposit routing number and not the wire routing number.

If you are choosing to open a Charles Schwab bank account, the account must be activated before a deposit can be successful. The account must be active before you submit this form. For Charles Schwab accounts, please submit the checking account number and not the brokerage number. Here are some examples:

Per Diem Example