Office of Security and Safety


In an Emergency/To Report a Crime

In emergency situations, always activate the local emergency response system by dialing 911 (if on campus, dial 9 for an outside line). Then call the Office of Security and Safety at 651.638.6055 so security officers can guide emergency vehicles to you when they arrive.

In non-emergency situations or to report a crime on campus, contact the Office of Security and Safety at 651.638.6055.

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Night Security/Campus Access

The east entrance to Bethel’s campus is closed from 7 p.m.-6 a.m. After these hours, the west entrance is staffed by a Bethel security officer.

To enter campus after these hours, you must stop at the checkpoint and display a valid Bethel ID card or a Bethel parking permit (in your car window). Visitors who are not members of the Bethel community are required to stop for clearance at the checkpoint. Clearance may be given by the Bethel community member the visitor is seeing by calling the Office of Security and Safety.

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Residence Life Security

Bethel housing incorporates a number of security systems in its residences, both on and off campus. The primary and most effective security system at Bethel is the community itself. By getting to know our neighbors, their habits, and their friends, we can become sensitized to events and people who are outside of the normal routine. As such, we provide security for each other.

  1. Each room, suite, and apartment in Bethel housing has its own lock and each resident is issued a key.
  2. On-campus residence halls are locked 24 hours a day.
  3. Off-campus apartments are equipped with security doors and security phones.

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Racial Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Assault

Bethel is committed to providing a Christ-centered community free of discrimination and violence. Bethel’s racial harassment and sexual harassment/sexual assault policies are available from the following offices.

University Campus

  • Library Circulation Desk
  • Office of Human Resources
  • Office of the Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Office of the President
  • Office of the Provost
  • Office of CAS Student Life

Seminary Campus

  • Office of Student Life, Campus Center
  • Seminary Provost’s Office, Faculty Hall
  • Seminary Library, Reserve Desk

The harassment policy may be found at:

In handling these incidents, Bethel places emphasis on care for the victim, available counseling services, notification of proper authorities, and optional changes in academic, living, and work situations following the alleged assault.

In addition to the Bethel support services for victims, the State of Minnesota has established a Crime Victims Reparations Board and an Office of Crime Victim Ombudsman, which provide unique assistance to victims. Bethel provides information on contacting these agencies and will assist victims in making contacts, if desired.

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Alcohol-Free and Drug-Free Campus

The standards of conduct for Bethel clearly prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol both on and off campus. In addition, federal and state laws prohibit the possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages by individuals under 21 years of age, and possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs by individuals of any age.

Bethel will impose sanctions on community members who violate laws or institutional policy and may refer them for prosecution under local, state, and federal law. Rehabilitation may become a condition of continuing association with Bethel.

Appropriate referral to counseling and health agencies will be made for individuals as needed. On-campus support and help are available through the Office of Student Life (College of Arts & Sciences--location: BC252, phone: 651.638.6300; Seminary--location: F205, phone: 651.638.6165), as are additional information and educational opportunities.

Information about health risks associated with the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol; about applicable sanctions under local, state, and federal laws; and about available treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol abusers is distributed yearly.

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Your Responsibility

The primary, and most effective, security system at Bethel is the community itself. Each member of the community – students, faculty, staff, administration, and guests – must assume the primary responsibility for his or her own personal safety and the security of personal belongings. Often this means taking simple, common-sense precautions.

Community members should report any suspicious-looking individuals or any unusual incidents in and around the residence halls, academic buildings, and campus grounds to Bethel security and safety at 651.638.6055.

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