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The Campus Store is your source for all traditional undergrad textbooks and educational resources. We've got you covered with all options! Choose from digital text, new, or used.

Using your Bethel University ID to charge your textbooks is a benefit to those CAS students with financial aid.

We are Bethel- all proceeds generated from the Campus Store go back to the university to ultimately benefit you, the Bethel student. 

  • Order online beginning July 1 for Fall semester and beginning December 1 for Interim 2022.
  • All CAS textbooks and educational materials are final sale and will only be available for purchase by placing your order online.
  • We make it easy. Simply place your online order, have it delivered ahead of time to your home, and we’ll pay for shipping within the U.S.!

CAS Textbook Ordering

Order your books online beginning May 1 for Summer and July 1 for Fall semester.

CAS Textbook Ordering Tutorial

Need a quick refresher on how to order textbooks? We'll walk you through the process.

Textbook Distribution for Fall 2021

FREE shipping on all textbook orders anywhere in the U.S. Order early, by
August 15, so that you can receive your online text order before you leave for

Skip the line, meet people, make friends. In store online order pick will be
available for you also, but we recommend you have it shipped to your home!


Sell back your books in person twice a year or online anytime.


Submit information online to return your print or e-books.

Digital Textbooks

Prefer digital textbooks? We have a selection available for you.

CAPS/GS Textbooks

Purchase textbooks for adult undergrad and graduate programs through the online bookstore.

Seminary Textbooks

Purchase textbooks for seminary programs through the online bookstore.