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We live and breathe fonts, colors, and images, so when it comes to promoting Bethel in print or on the web, we love that we get to capture its essence, communicate its message, and maintain the integrity of the Bethel brand in a creative, compelling, and consistent manner.

We wake up each day excited to engage our audiences, serve the Bethel community, and move Bethel's brand forward.

If you need technical assistance or have a web request, feel free to email web-services@bethel.edu.

Michael Vedders

Director of Web and Creative Services


Motivational. Generous. Outdoorsman.
Areas of Expertise: Strategic planning, web application evaluation, project prioritization, and client relations and mediations. 

Cheryl Brunkow

Graphic Designer


Dynamic. Conscientious. Foodie.
Areas of Expertise: Marketing materials, branding, design.

Erik Gruber

Web Content Specialist


Brilliant. Deep. Bookworm.
Areas of Expertise: Writing/editing, storytelling, content planning.

Tim Hammer

Web Communications Strategist


Strategic. Loyal. Netflix addict.
Areas of Expertise: Project management, strategic planning, mass email, social media.

Darin Jones

Lead Graphic Designer


Thoughtful. Clever. Triathlete. 
Areas of Expertise: Bethel Magazine, admissions marketing, branding, and stationery.

Cynthia Pfingsten

Cynthia Pfingsten


Wordsmith. Insightful. Show choir enthusiast.
Areas of Expertise: Admissions and financial aid marketing, writing/editing, proofreading.

AnnMarie Vennerstrom

Content Support Specialist


Collaborative. Compassionate. Fisherwoman.
Areas of Expertise:  Training, content support, and student worker management.

Suzanne Yonker

Creative Content Specialist


Versatile. Reflective. Organic gardener.
Areas of Expertise: Admissions materials, academic content, writing/editing, proofreading.

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