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We're a team of writers, designers, and strategists, who love talking about Bethel. So we take the stories of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and friends, and communicate them to the outside world in a variety of ways. Whether it’s writing news stories for the website, creating Bethel Magazine, or emailing our alumni, we strive to communicate about Bethel in a style that informs, engages, and inspires. With insight and creativity, we get out the news about Bethel.

We live and breathe fonts, colors, and images, so when it comes to promoting Bethel in print or on the web, we love that we get to capture its essence, communicate its message, and maintain the integrity of the Bethel brand in a creative, compelling, and consistent manner. We wake up each day excited to engage our audiences, serve the Bethel community, and move Bethel’s web presence forward. 

Get to know who we are and how we can support your communication and marketing needs.

Carmen Shields

Chief Marketing Officer


Visionary. Collaborative. Adventurous.
Areas of Expertise: Strategic leadership, branding, marketing, communications, research, project management, team building.

Christine Erntson

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Fearless. Clever. Chicago sports fan.
Areas of Expertise: Budgeting, office management, department efficiency and productivity, student leadership, internal and crisis communication.

Suzanne McInroy

Director of Communications


Smart. Articulate. Well-traveled.
Areas of Expertise: Media relations, news, internal communications, crisis communications.

Michael Vedders

Director of Marketing


Motivational. Generous. Adventurer.
Areas of Expertise: Strategic planning, marketing media, digital reporting, web ninjaing, project prioritization, client relations and mediations.

Tim Hammer

Associate Marketing Director


Strategic. Loyal. Netflix addict.
Areas of Expertise: Project management and strategic planning.

Morgan Colby

Project Manager


Rational. Easygoing. Outdoorsy.
Areas of Expertise: Project management, design, production.

Kristi Ellison

Graphic Designer


Problem-solver. Planner. Emphathizer.
Areas of Expertise: Moodboards, typography, design versatility, branding, iconography.

Paul Hjellming

Videographer | Photographer


Artistic. Critical. Film snob.
Areas of Expertise: F- and T-stops, camera angles, frame rates, storytelling, film editing.

Jenny Hudalla

Content Specialist


Perceptive. Bold. Horizon chaser. 
Areas of Expertise: Storytelling, news and feature writing, interpersonal communication.

Emily Johnson

Web Content Manager


Optimist. Connector. Budding phytomaniac.
Areas of Expertise: Cascade support, content organization, web author training.

Jacob Johnson

Web Designer


Equanimous. Judicious. Purveyor of GIFs.
Areas of Expertise: Front-end design and development.

Darin Jones

Senior Graphic Designer


Thoughtful. Clever. Triathlete. 
Areas of Expertise: Bethel Magazine, marketing, branding.

Monique Kleinhuizen

New Media Strategist


Interested. Bubbly. Tree farmer.
Areas of Expertise: Editing, writing, storytelling, social media. 

Chris LaRue

Project Manager


Creative. Encourager. Side-of-the-Road-Find Artist.
Areas of Expertise: Project management, design, photography, production.

Jason Schoonover

Content Specialist


Curious. Invested. Vintage Vinyl Collector.
Areas of Expertise: Writing, storytelling, editing, style.

Cherie Suonvieri

Content Specialist


Curious. Understanding. Explorer.
Areas of Expertise: Feature writing, news stories, editing, relational communication.

Tom Vukelich

Senior Graphic Designer


Productive. Orderly. Theatrical. 
Areas of Expertise: Brochures, postcards, invitations, newsletters, programs.

Michelle Westlund

Senior Content Specialist


Organized. Spunky. Sports fanatic.
Areas of Expertise: Bethel Magazine, editing, writing, proofreading, grammar/style.

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