Conference Services

Good Concerts

Good mission. Good place. Good concert. 

Praised for its amazing acoustics, Benson Great Hall is the perfect venue for your next performance. The unique design of Benson Great Hall engages both small and large audiences. Orchestras, choirs, rock bands, and gospel artists from across the country revel in the first-class technical services offered by the facility. Come and see why Benson Great Hall is considered one of the premier concert venues in the Midwest.

Besides sound, lighting, and stage services, the Benson Great Hall team can provide ticketing, ushering, traffic control, and catering services to meet your needs.

Boldly informed and motivated by the Christian faith, Bethel educates and energizes men and women for excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service. Because we are deeply committed to our mission, all conference and rental guests must utilize the university’s facilities in a  manner consistent with Bethel’s mission and values as a religiously affiliated center for higher education.