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Our Counselors

Bethel's counseling staff includes both men and women with a variety of interests and specialties. Some of our counselors are permanent Bethel faculty or staff members, and others are interns who are completing their master's or doctorate in counseling.

We try our best to honor any preferences students have. Schedule an appointment with one of our counselors.

Jim Koch

Ph.D., L.P., Director of Counseling Services

Behavior modification; crisis intervention;  individual counseling; and premarital, marital, and family counseling.

Peter Jankowski


Individual and relationship counseling; spirituality and faith concerns; and conflict resolution.

Andy Johnson


Individual counseling; depression; enhancing creativity; personal growth and adjustment issues; life path issues; and existential concerns.

Jason Li

Ph.D., L.P.

Developmental issues; separation from family unit; international student counseling; and individual, premarital, and marital counseling.

Julia Moen


Women's issues including sexual abuse; individual and group counseling; and crisis intervention.

Joyce Stumpf Willman


Individual and group counseling; depression; spirituality; self-identity; and premarital and marital education, including family of origin issues.

Andy Shold

M.Div., M.A., LAMFT

Individual, premarital, marital and family counseling; family of origin concerns; faith and spirituality concerns.

Diane Strike

Ph.D., L.P.

Individual counseling, consultation, anxiety and stress, chronic medical and disability conditions.

Kristin Antil


Individual counseling, depression and anxiety, sexuality, personal growth and adjustments, relationships, spirituality and faith issues.

Brad Mazer

M.A., PsyD, Intern

Individual counseling, anxiety, depression, personal growth, health/wellness issues, life transitions and sports psychology. 

Jim Shreffler

M.A., PsyD, Intern

Individual counseling, spirituality, trauma, social and test anxiety, relationships, personal growth and life adjustments.

Molly Gillen

M.A., Intern

Individual counseling, health and wellness issues, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, relationships, anxiety, vocational discernment and life transition issues.

Shana Link

M.A., Intern

Individual counseling, depression and anxiety, sexuality, personal growth/adjustments, relationships, spirituality/faith issues, gender issues, life calling/career issues.