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Olson Gallery

Shadow Plays
Patty Wickman

Johnson Gallery

Raspberry Monday 2018

Olson Gallery

APR 5 2018

Shadow Plays

Olson Gallery (Level 2 of Lundquist Community Life Center)

Patty Wickman exhibition in the Olson Gallery

Johnson Gallery

MAR 8 2018

Imposter Syndrome

A Johnson Gallery Exhibition featuring Lyz Wendland and Lisa Bergh

MAY 7 2018

Raspberry Monday 2018

Johnson Gallery on Level 2 of Clauson Center

Annual juried student art exhibiton in the Johnson Gallery

MAY 7 2018

Raspberry Monday Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony

7 p.m. Johnson Gallery on Level 2 of Clauson Center (CC)

Raspberry Monday is an annual juried student art exhibition in the Johnson Gallery.

MAY 9 2018

Raspberry Monday Jurors Talk with Jennie Ekstrand and Patrick Gantert of Sadie Halie Projects

4 p.m. Johnson Gallery on Level 2 of Clauson Center (CC)

Jurors will discuss the selection process of Raspberry Monday.

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