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For your convenience we offer on campus housing for those coming for summer intensives (only available June - August). Stay in apartments just a short walk from classes.

Extended Dates Request

We may be able to accommodate an extended stay based on availability, please call Conference and Event Services Office 651.638.6090 to request.

Additional Guests

Families are welcome to join you, please indicate this when registering.


ADA compliant housing is available upon request, please mark your request when registering.

Laundry facilities

Free laundry facilities are located in the North Village Apartments. Single-load detergent packets can be purchased from the Conference Services office for a nominal fee.


If you will be keeping a vehicle on campus, request a parking permit from Conference Services when you check in.

Housing Policies

Please read the following housing policies:

  1. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on campus
  2. Exterior residence hall doors may not be propped open.  For security purposes, all guests should lock their room doors at all times and carry their keys with them.
  3. Bicycles, animals, and skateboards are prohibited in the residence halls
  4. Tampering, rearranging, or moving furniture in rooms or commons areas is prohibited.  You will be fined if furniture needs to be returned to its proper location.
  5. Attaching any object to room walls is prohibited.
  6. Tampering with or removal of window screens is prohibited.
  7. The use of confetti or glitter is prohibited in all residence halls.
  8. Smoking is prohibited on campus.
  9. The use of grills near residence halls is not permitted
  10. Fireworks, string lights, candles, and open flames are not permitted in or near residence halls.
  11. Quiet hours are observed from 11pm to 8am every day.
  12. Campus regulations prohibit the possession of firearms on University grounds
  13. Tampering with fire detection, alarm systems, and fire suppression equipment is strictly prohibited.At the sound of a fire alarm, all guests are required to leave the residence hall immediately and remain outside until the Bethel Safety and Security Office gives approval for reentry.
  14. Non-registered (non-paying guests) are prohibited from staying in the residence halls overnight.   Conference participants are not permitted to enter residence hall(s) of any group other than their own.


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