No one ROARs like a Royal!

We heard you loud and clear on ROAR Day! More than 400 alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and fans made a gift to brighten the future of Bethel. Thank you for your ROAR!

If you were unable to participate in ROAR Day but still want to make a gift, you can fill out our online form at any time. 

Want to relive the spirit of ROAR Day? Some of our students and alumni made a music video starring Laurel Bunker, Jared Johnson, Bob Schuchardt, Ruben Rivera, Peggy Kendall, and Bethany Opsata. Check it out!

How did we do?

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Top giving classes

  1. 2013, 23 gifts
  2. 2004, 14 gifts
  3. 2015, 11 gifts

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