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Classroom Management Strategies: ENVoY Certificate

Classroom management is about more than patience. It’s about creating a healthy learning environment for all.

The tone of your voice, how you position your body, and where you look have a tremendous impact on student behavior in the classroom. Bethel's online ENVoY Certificate program builds your awareness of the nonverbal messages you send your students, and the nonverbal patterns used by the most effective classroom managers. Find ways to maintain compliance in your classes while preserving relationships, maximizing productivity, and fostering student independence.

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Classroom Management Strategies: ENVoY Certificate

With the ENVoY Classroom Management Strategies Certificate, you’ll become skilled in using a range of nonverbal cues to maintain a positive, safe learning environment for every student.

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Location Online
Credits 10
Tuition per Credit $535
Estimated Total Tuition $5,350*

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Strategies for Healthy Classrooms

ENVoY is a national classroom management series developed by Michael Grinder and Associates (MGA). This organization holds seminars around the country and trains teachers in ENVoY methods. Several school districts in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area utilize trainers who teach ENVoY techniques, which promote safe, predictable classrooms where students are engaged in learning.


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Program Highlights

Unique training program

This is the only online training program that offers the full ENVoY Trilogy of courses.

Apply credits

This program may be taken alone or applied to Bethel’s M.A. in K-12 Education as a concentration or to Bethel’s M.A. in Special Education for teachers with a Special Education license.

Designed for all K-12 teachers

New and experienced teachers will appreciate practical strategies that can be immediately implemented in their classrooms.


Teachers who complete the ENVoY Certificate program will understand the methods of nonverbal communication that create thriving classrooms.


Learn how to...

  • Recognize and respond to common patterns of behavior in the classroom
  • Demonstrate key nonverbal classroom management strategies
  • Identify your own tendencies and how they affect relationships with students
  • Help uncooperative students be more successful
  • Form the class into a united group