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STEM in K-12 Education Certificate

Teaching STEM is about more than lesson plans. It’s about preparing students to explore the world around them.

Bethel University has designed a 10-credit STEM Certificate program for teachers. The program will develop skills in teaching STEM and help you prepare students to impact our society for generations to come. Learn to engage your classroom through creative, hands-on learning activities and become a teacher-leader in STEM instruction.

Program Details

STEM in K-12 Education Certificate

This certificate will help you become a more effective teacher of science, technology, engineering and math as you gain the knowledge and skills to lead your students in STEM study at the K-12 level.

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Experienced Instruction

The STEM Certificate program extends Bethel’s reach in its outstanding science, computer, science education, and mathematics programs. Designed and taught by experienced science education faculty, you’ll learn the most effective strategies for teaching STEM subjects that build a strong school district and prepare students for ongoing changes in technology, activate creativity and innovation, and provide the skills for your students.

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Program Highlights

Progressive teaching approach

Courses model how to scaffold concepts and practices across grade levels and examine and apply meaningful integration models to move students toward a deeper understanding of STEM concepts.

Hands-on experiences

Throughout the courses, you’ll participate in projects, engage in scientific argumentation, plan trustworthy STEM practices, and use both simple and complex computer applications to practice using skills.

Meets curriculum requirements

Course topics apply to current Minnesota State Academic Standards in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Action research focus

Curriculum and assessment will be applied to STEM units with an action research focus that helps find real solutions for the classroom.


The STEM Certificate program at Bethel provides the fundamental skills in teaching STEM in the classroom and managing science, math, and related curriculum across the district.


Learn how to:

  • Analyze and apply the components of STEM
  • Connect the ELA standards into the STEM framework by building on a conceptual model
  • Engage in STEM integration at the elementary level
  • Conduct scientific investigations for classroom application
  • Design solutions to engineering problems that apply to the standards
  • Develop strategies for growth in STEM teaching and learning
  • Apply available classroom technology with purposeful planning
  • Evaluate commerical STEM curricula
  • Apply action research to develop and implement STEM units
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