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In Minnesota, we love to talk about the weather because it’s always changing. So we thought it would be helpful to give you a brief introduction to Minnesota weather before you arrive.

Our climate is typical of a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers. Located in the Upper Midwest, we experience the widest variety of weather in the U.S., with each season having its own unique characteristics.

Winter (December-March) in Minnesota brings cold (below freezing) temperatures. Snow is common, but freezing rain, sleet, and occasionally rain are all possible during the winter months.

Spring (March-June) is a time of major transition in Minnesota. Snowstorms are common early in the spring, but by late-spring temperatures become more mild. As June approaches, we experience an occasional tornado, a risk which diminishes through the summer and into the autumn.

In summer (June-September), we experience a lot of heat and humidity in the southern part of the state. Humid conditions can lead to thunderstorm activity throughout the summer months. Summer high temperatures average in the upper-70s F (25 °C) to mid-80s F (30 °C), but higher temperatures are certainly possible.

Autumn (September-December) in Minnesota is marked by cooling temperatures and, eventually, the possibility of snow. During this transitional season, we can experience wide temperature swings in short periods of time.

Here’s a quick list of clothing or outdoor gear you might need during your time in Minnesota:

  • Snow pants
  • Winter boots
  • Rain boots
  • Light coat
  • Heavy (down) coat
  • Winter hat
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Rain jacket or umbrella