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How to add the RSS or Syndicated News Channel to BLink

Syndicated News Feeds or RSS feeds are aggregated lists of frequently updated digital content such as blogs, news feeds, or podcasts.
To add the RSS or Syndicated News Feed channel to BLink follow the instructions below. To add a news fee or rss to your channel click here.
1. Go to "Personalize BLink" in the upper left hand corner and then select the tab you would like to add your RSS or syndicated news feed to.
Personalize Blink Link
2. Click on the "add channel" button within the desired column.
Add Channel Image
3. Select the "auto published" category and click "go."
Channel Category
4. Select "syndicated news feed" and click "add channel."
Add News Feed
5. Once you have added the channel it should appear on your tab like this. 
Example of the Syndicated News Feed
If you would like to learn how to use the Syndicated News Feed channel click here: Using RSS channels