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Adding Files to Silva (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF's)

To add a file such as a Powerpoint, Word, Excel, or a PDF to your website follow the instructions below.

First:  Within the content menu. scroll down to "Silva File."
Scroll Down to Silva File
Next: Browse for the file that you want, and then name it. Check out the example id and title in the picture on how to name it. Make sure to click "save" after you have done this.
Name A Silva File
Once you have added the file it will show up in the content area like this

Example PDF
Next: Open the page you want to link the file from and highlight the text you want to link the file to.
Next: With the text highlighted click on the link menu on the right hand side of the screen and click "get link reference," select the file you wish to link.
Link Reference 2
Once you have selected the file that you want to link, click on the "add ink" button.
Link Reference