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Below is a list of web applications, their functions, policies and procedures.





Moodle is an online software system designed to facilitate teachers in the management of courses for their students, especially by helping teachers and learners, in facilitation of discussion, collaboration and  course administration by using a virtual interface. Moodle is Bethel's official Learning Management System (LMS), officially supported and maintained by the University.

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A blog is a website where entries are made in journal type format and displayed in a reverse chronological order. Blogs can provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as biology, politics, or local events; some function as more personal online diaries or contribute to social networking.

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Adobe Connect


Silva is Bethel's official content management system.  Silva is used to manage a majority of Bethel's online content.  In the past web content was developed by a number of different tools such as dreamweaver, frontpage, and contribute. These programs though great at developing web content didn't allow for management of all of Bethel's websites.  The past two years many pages have been converted into Silva allowing Bethel much more control of what is published to the web. 

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Adobe Connect is the web-conferencing tool that Bethel University uses. It offers the opportunity for synchronous learning at a distance. Features include VoIP, chat, presentation, screen sharing, polls, breakout groups, and more.

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Group Studio


Blink is Bethel University's Portal system.  Blink is an electronic commons that provides seamless access to all of the information, people, and processes necessary to support the work of Bethel faculty, staff, and students. It is  customizable and secure.

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Group Studio is colabrative software included with BLink that  gives students, faculty, and staff the ability to create and manage group homepages for clubs and other affiliations and interests.

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eFolio Minnesota



eFolio Minnesota, a multimedia electronic portfolio designed to help you create a living showcase of your education, career and personal achievements. All Minnesota residents, including students enrolled in Minnesota schools, educators and others can use eFolio Minnesota to reach their career and education goals. 

Mahara is an electronic portfolio tool integrated with Moodle.  Items can be added directly from Moodle courses to the portfolio built in Mahara.

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Turnitin Description:

TurnItIn is a web application that assists instructors in identifying plagiarized material.  You can also use "SafeAssign" available in Blackboard.

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iTunes U


Web Forms


iTunes U is a hosted service by Apple, for colleges and universities that allows each institution the ability to publish mutlimedia content. Lectures, interviews, or video can be placed within iTunes U and be made accessible to a chosen group or the public.

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Web forms are used to submit or enter data online.  Bethel currently supports three different online forms.  The first available web form is a regular Silva form. The second is a online payment form and the third is a PDF form.

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Surveys - Qualtrics


Qualtrics Description:

Qualtrics is the web based survey tool currently supported by Bethel University, for use by Employees and Students for Bethel purposes.

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