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Primetime @ the BU Library

The Friends co-sponsors Primetime @ the BU Library along with the Faculty Development Committee, Edgren Scholars. To see the breadth of topics covered or to watch past presentations, go to the Community Video Collection in the Digital Library.

Other Friends Events



  • "Historian as Storyteller" - Dr. G.W. Carlson and Dr. James Johnson
  • Friends of the BU Library Prize for Library Research: "Utopia or Iron Cage? Marx, Weber, Nietzsche, and the Future of Modernity" - Ryan Steel


  • "Back to the Future: The Shape of the Library"
  • "Back to the Future: Mystery Solve: Bethel's Search for Martin Luther King, Jr." - Bethel University Digital Library
  • Friends of the BU Library Prize for Library Research: "Innovation and Harmonization in Raphael's Stanza della Segnatura" - Nathan Cornelius
  • Homecoming event: "The Pietist Impulse at Bethel"


  • Friends of the BU Library Prize for Library Research: "Alcuin and the Vikings: A Theology of Carolingian Election, Chastisement, and Exaltation" - Taylor Ferda
  • Forum: "Calling Card to Calling Plan: Social Networking Then and Now"
  • Homecoming open house: "Exploring the Clarion Digital Archive" - Bethel University Digital Library


  • Forum: "Crash Course: The 1929 Depression and the 2009 Recession"


  • Forum: "Bridging the Generations Through Children's and Young Adult Literature"


  • Forum: "The immigration Controversy"
  • Homecoming open house: "Fresh Roasted Just for You"


  • Forum: "Christian Response to Global Warming"
  • Homecoming open house: "Sailing into the Sea of Knowledge"


  • Homecoming open house: "Library Monopoly"
  • "Over and Back" benefit concert


  • Forum: "Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning: Raising the Questions, Scientific Research, Ethical Considerations, Policy Implications"
  • Homecoming open house: "Extreme Makeover: Library Edition"
  • The uncrating of the Codex Vaticanus: The Facsimile
  • The dedication of the new sculpture Metanoia in the Bethel College Library


  • Homecoming open house: "Fill in the Missing Pieces...at the Royal Connection"


  • Forum: "Beyond the War of the Words: War with Iraq? Three Christian Perspectives"
  • Homecoming open house: "Face to Face with our Changing Library"