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Pawlentys Talk Politics

Pawlentys Talk Politics

Pawlenty family in 2010 in front of the Minnesota governor's residence (left to right: Anna, Tim, Mary, and Mara with Mazy the dog).

Former Minnesota governor and presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty and his wife Mary will speak at Bethel University on Monday, April 16, from 4:15-6 p.m. in the Underground.

Mary Pawlenty ’83 will talk about her background spanning from Bethel to her job as a lawyer and a judge as well as her experience as the First Lady of Minnesota. Tim Pawlenty will also talk about his past work experience before discussing current politics, including the GOP presidential race and his own candidacy, the state of the economy, and why the economic future of the United States should be important to college students. After their remarks, they will take questions from the audience.

The event is sponsored by the Bethel College Republicans. All members of the Bethel community are invited to attend and encouraged to arrive early, as a good turnout is expected.