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People often say that when they step onto Bethel's campus, they feel something. It's our community, abuzz with excitement about the future and a commitment to excellence. For some, it's a flood of memories. For others, it's a glimpe of what it could look like to follow their passions and pursue their dreams. While it's great to read about Bethel on our website, a campus visit will give you a taste of what "Bethel" really means. In the meantime, check out our awesome video content.
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On Bethel's YouTube channel, you'll find annual Welcome Week videos, program overviews, Christmas greetings from President Jay and Barb Barnes, and more...much more!
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Head over to Vimeo to hear from Bethel's Alumni of the Year, see commercials about Bethel, and—in short—find out why Bethel University is a great place to call "home."