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New TLC Docu-series Centers on Bethel Alumnae

New TLC Docu-series Centers on Bethel Alumnae

In this promotional photo for the TLC show “Abby and Brittany,” twins Abby and Brittany Hensel ’12 make ravioli during a trip to Venice.

Bethel alumnae Abby and Brittany Hensel ’12 will have their unique story told through a new docu-series on The Learning Channel (TLC) that will premiere on August 28 at 9 p.m. The sisters are conjoined identical twins who share one body, but have two separate brains, hearts, and sets of lungs.

The new series, called “Abby and Brittany,” follows the twins as they turn 22 years old, finish classes and graduate from Bethel, travel to Europe, and search for a teaching job. The production company Figure Eight Films visited the Bethel campus twice this spring to film the Hensel twins, including their graduation ceremony in May. Other Bethel students and alumni who will be featured in the series include their roommates Ali Glasener, Kayla Hall, Cari Jo Hohncke, and Katy Nold, and their friends Rebecca Fessler and Erin Junkans, who accompanied them on a trip to Europe.

TLC previously aired two documentaries on the sisters when they turned 12 years old and another when they turned 16. This series will air in eight half-hour episodes on Tuesday nights.