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Bethel Goes Greener

Bethel Goes Greener

Recycling containers are located throughout campus.

Sorting recyclables can be confusing, but starting in February, recycling at Bethel got a lot easier. Members of the Bethel community can now put all plastics in the recycling bins labeled “Cans and bottles for plastic, metal cans, and glass.” According to Bethel’s Green Council, “[This is] one way that Bethel continues to diminish our institutional ecological footprint as we seek to become a more environmentally sustainable campus.”

Recycling all types of plastic at Bethel has a big impact. “We estimate that we could save as much as 10-20% of what ends up in the trash and landfills,” says Steve Porter, Bethel’s manager of building services. The change will begin in the academic and seminary buildings, and will eventually include housing as well.

As Bethel continues to become more ecologically friendly, new recycling opportunities will continue to be provided. “Bethel has always desired to be a leader, especially when it comes to the environment. When various communities and waste management companies opened the door to allow additional recycling, we wanted to be one of the first to do our part to help the environment,” says Porter.