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Bethel Senior Travels to China with NBA

Bethel Senior Travels to China with NBA

Timberwolves dancer Allie Ryan '11 (second from left) and her team in Hong Kong.

Allie Ryan ’11, a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves dance team, recently traveled to southern China to promote NBA China. A Timberwolves dancer for the second year in a row, Ryan and five others traveled in southern China for two weeks, performing dance routines at universities in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhauahi, and Kunming.

“It was exciting to represent the state of Minnesota and the NBA literally halfway around the world,” says Ryan. On their days off, the group went sightseeing—visiting museums, temples, and tombs. As an international business major, Ryan has been learning about China and its economy for the last three years, and was excited to see the country firsthand. “It was certainly a once in a lifetime experience,” she says.

Ryan began at Bethel with a vocal scholarship, but when she developed vocal nodules, the condition compromised her singing. Seeking creativity in her life, Ryan began looking for different ways to express herself. “Since I no longer had music to fill that outlet, I began looking into dancing for the Timberwolves and somehow made the team,” she says.

As a student and a dancer with a demanding performance schedule, Ryan must carefully manage her calendar. When she feels exhausted, she says her zeal for dance and her belief in her calling keep her going. Ryan believes that God put her on the Timberwolves Dance Team for a reason, and she plans to use her gift for His purposes. “I’ve been able to transfer that energy and spiritual fervor into my everyday life,” she says.