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Bethel Seminary Initiates New Search Process for Vice President and Dean

Bethel Seminary Initiates New Search Process for Vice President and Dean

Bethel Seminary is one of the 15 largest Association of Theological Schools-accredited seminaries in the U.S.

Bethel Seminary has launched a new search process and call for names as a key leadership role, Vice President and Dean of Bethel Seminary, takes a new direction. The Vice President and Dean is the senior leader of the seminary, charged to ensure fulfillment of the seminary’s mission, to collaborate with and guide faculty in equipping students to lead and serve in the church, and to steward seminary resources.

The Vice President and Dean is responsible for building partnerships with the church and mobilizing investors to extend the ministry and influence of the seminary. Bethel Seminary seeks candidates who demonstrate a unique blend of personal faith, ministry background, and leadership experiences.

The history of Bethel Seminary dates back to 1871, when founder John Alexis Edgren, a Swedish Baptist pastor in Chicago, was gripped by the need for strong church leadership and conceived of a seminary-level educational experience to provide it. Since then, Bethel Seminary, a school of Bethel University, has become one of the 15 largest Association of Theological Schools-accredited seminaries in the country, with approximately 1,200 students enrolled on campus in St. Paul and San Diego, at teaching centers in New England and Washington, D.C., or online.

Representing 13 countries, 42 states, and 78 denominations, Bethel Seminary students pursue one of seven Master of Arts degrees, a Master of Divinity degree, or a Doctor of Ministry degree in one of two delivery formats, face-to-face during daytime and evening courses, or via a distance learning format online. The seminary is led by a team of 24 full-time faculty, more than 90 part-time faculty, and more than 50 staff members.

Over the past two decades, Bethel Seminary has been one of the most entrepreneurial of schools in one of the most traditional of education sectors. Seminary education in the U.S. traditionally has been slow to innovate and slow to respond to changes in the church, but in both degree programs and pedagogy, Bethel Seminary has led the way. Today the seminary strives to address real congregational and cultural needs while building on the entrepreneurial spirit of its past.

Bethel has invited The Dingman Company to assist in the search. David Gyertson, Ph.D., former president of Asbury College and Taylor University, will guide the process and serve as Education Leadership Consultant. Nominations and applications are welcome. Direct nominations to David Gyerston, Ph.D. Individuals interested in the position are encouraged to send an initial letter of interest as well as a current resume.