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Exercise Science Student Research Awarded First Place

Exercise Science Student Research Awarded First Place

Josh Hageman, Seth Paradis, and Brandon Johnson celebrate victory.

Seniors Josh Hageman and Brandon Johnson recently received first place awards at the American College of Sports Medicine Northland Chapter’s Research Symposium. The two competed against 88 other research posters and 16 other universities, and their research poster titled “The Effects of Acute Supplementation of Advocare’s O2 Gold on Maximal Oxygen Performance” won top honors. Their study tested the nutritional supplement Advocare O2 Gold, which claimed to increase aerobic endurance. According to their results, the supplement did not have a significant short-term effect on participants.

Hageman and Johnson credit the devoted exercise science program faculty for inspiring their success. Program director Seth Paradis was particularly motivational, they say. “Dr. Paradis... pushed us to go the extra mile and continually improve our research,” says Johnson. Hageman adds, “I have the utmost respect for the man. Everything he does is to help his students. It truly is a blessing to have a man of his character as our academic advisor and professor.”

Taking first in this competitive symposium demonstrated the commitment and quality of the exercise science program. Hageman and Johnson say they also value the community they’ve found there. “Students in the exercise science program are committed to one another,” says Hageman. “I am extremely blessed to have been a part of it.” Both students graduate this spring.