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Housing Changes for North Village, Fountain Terrace

Widen and Wingblade apartment buildings in North Village will soon house undergraduate students and, starting this summer, Fountain Terrace will be open to students enrolled at Bethel Seminary, Graduate School, and College of Adult & Professional Studies, as well as faculty and staff.

“We are excited about these changes because it will offer undergraduate students the best of independent living with the benefits of campus and Bethel community life,” says Jim Benjamin, associate dean for residence life. “It will also allow Fountain Terrace to fill a housing need for our adult learners and other members of our community.”

Currently, undergraduates live in Chalberg, Danielson, Turnwall, and Wessman apartment buildings in North Village, and Bethel Seminary students live in Widen and Wingblade. This summer Widen will be transitioned to undergraduate housing, and Wingblade will follow in the summer of 2014. The six buildings that make up North Village will offer 400 sophomores, juniors, and seniors on-campus furnished apartments with flexible food plan options. The Office of Residence Life has begun to group Chalberg, Danielson, and Turnwall together as North Woods, and Widen, Wessman, and Wingblade together as North Waters

Current Widen and Wingblade residents will be invited to move to the Fountain Terrace apartments, located on the west side of 35W. In addition, students from the Graduate School and College of Adult & Professional Studies, faculty, and staff will be able to rent apartments at Fountain Terrace beginning July 2013. Residents will be required to abide by Bethel’s Covenant for Life Together when living in university housing.

There will be no current changes to the Child Development Center, which is located on the first floor of Wingblade.