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Senior Chemistry Student Receives Prestigious Fellowship

Senior Chemistry Student Receives Prestigious Fellowship

Senior Andreas Copan received a Presidential Graduate Fellowship from the University of Georgia.

Bethel University senior chemistry major Andreas Copan has been awarded a Presidential Graduate Fellowship from the University of Georgia. This highly competitive award began in 2000, with a goal of recruiting high-achieving students for the University of Georgia doctoral program. Students are nominated for this award and those nominations are presented to the Graduate School by individual departments.

The award guarantees five years of financial support, with an annual stipend of $27,000. Copan will be fully engaged in research and graduate studies on a full-time basis, all year round, as he completes his degree. The fellowship also includes special opportunities and activities that are designed to enhance Copan’s professional development. These include participation in a monthly discussion group with other Fellows and relevant faculty members to discuss issues important to the university, Copan’s area of study, and his overall education and mentorship to selected undergraduates involved in research activities under the Center of Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) program at the University of Georgia.

The Presidential Graduate Fellowship will give Copan the opportunity to pursue research in his field, connect with other students and faculty who share his passion, and mentor younger students as they shape and develop their skills and knowledge base. The University of Georgia awards just a handful of fellowships each year, making Copan’s achievement highly significant. University of Georgia Professor of Chemistry Jeffrey Urbauer says, “It is a significant honor just to be nominated, and a very high honor to be a recipient.”

Copan credits Bethel professors of chemistry Rollin King and Ken Rohly for advising his research and recommending him for the fellowship.


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