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Campus Pastor Throws First Pitch at Twins Game

Campus Pastor Throws First Pitch at Twins Game

Pastor Laurel Bunker throws the first pitch at the Minnesota Twins game on April 26.

Bethel University Campus Pastor Laurel Bunker threw out the first pitch during the Minnesota Twins baseball game on Friday, April 26, after being selected by students in the College of Arts & Sciences. “Apparently the Bethel Student Association (BSA) purchased a significant number of tickets for the game and in exchange the students were allowed to choose someone to throw out the first pitch at the game. They chose me. I feel really blessed and honored by that,” says Bunker.

The Twins game was part of this year’s Nikdag events and about 500 students attended, says Jessica Young, BSA’s director of Bethel traditions. Nikdag is an annual and well-known Bethel tradition involving girls asking guys to events planned by BSA. “Nikdag actually means or stands for Sadie Hawkins in Nordic countries where many of Bethel’s original student population descended from,” Young explains. Other events this year included paintball and a show by a performer and comedian.


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