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Classes to be Held on January 28

All classes will be held on January 28 at Bethel University. Tuesday will be a normal day of operation for offices and classes on the St. Paul campus except for the King Family Foundation Child Development Center (CDC), which will be closed. The Bethel University Child Development Center on campus will be open. Because many children at the King Family Foundation CDC have siblings in the St. Paul Public Schools, the King CDC typically follows the St. Paul Public Schools schedule for weather closures.

Employees who may be concerned about traveling to campus or have childcare needs are encouraged to take personal or vacation leave on Tuesday. Managers and supervisors are asked to accommodate these employee requests as they are able and workloads permit. Likewise, students who are concerned about traveling to class should contact their professors to discuss other arrangements.

The university canceled classes earlier this month on January 6, the first day of interim classes for the College of Arts & Sciences. The team of administrators responsible for canceling classes due to weather, made that decision in support of Gov. Mark Dayton's announcement to close public schools across Minnesota and with awareness that Bethel students were traveling back to campus after an extended holiday vacation.