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Edgren Scholars Research “Bethel at War”

Edgren Scholars Research “Bethel at War”

Chris Gehrz, professor of history, and Fletcher Warren ’15 are working on a digital history project on "Bethel at War."

This spring Chris Gehrz, professor of history, and student researcher Fletcher Warren ’15 received an Edgren Scholars Award to complete a digital history project called “Bethel At War, 1914-2014: A Digital History Of A Christian College In The Modern Era Of Warfare.”

They are currently building a website that will explore how the Bethel community moved through these times of warfare during the last 100 years since the campus settled in St. Paul permanently. As they research, Gehrz and Warren are documenting their findings and creating a platform for discussion through the blog “Bethel at War 1914-2014.”

A meaningful layer to this exploration includes stories of personal experiences from members of the Bethel community who were on campus during a period of war. Gehrz and Warren invite stories and recollections from alumni, current students, and others from the Bethel community. Specifically, they are interested in contributions related to the Vietnam War and the War on Terror.

For more information and to submit your story, visit their blog post.