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Bethel's Food Service Scores in Top 25 in Country

Bethel's Food Service Scores in Top 25 in Country

A Sodexo employee flips quesadillas on the grill in Monson Dining Center's kitchen.

Bethel's food service provider, Sodexo, ranked among the top 25 sites across the company's campus services division in a fall 2013 satisfaction survey.

The national average for "overall satisfaction" among Sodexo's 680 national accounts in education is 78%; Bethels average was 97.7%. For "likelihood to recommend," the national average is 74%, while Bethel students scored it 96.9%.

According to Bob Schuchardt, for Sodexo at Bethel, customer satisfaction is a high priority for the company: "It's always on the forefront." He explains, "We talk about the quality of the service and the food with our associates at monthly meetings." In addition, staff and chefs have daily "huddles" to discuss how things are going.

Satisfaction ratings for each of Bethel's food service locations3900 Grill, Monson Dining Center, and Royal Groundswere nearly 100%, with scores in many categories rising several percentage points since the last survey in spring 2013.

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