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Alumni Profile: Chin-Chin Lin ’09

Alumni Profile: Chin-Chin Lin ’09

Chin-Chin Lin ’09 founded Lumii Health, a company seeking to ease the health insurance process for small businesses.

Just a few years after her college graduation, Chin-Chin Lin ’09 not only has a master’s degree in business from one of the country’s most prestigious universities, but she also has a successful startup.

Lin graduated from Bethel with a double major in business, and economics and finance. After graduation, she worked at UnitedHealth Group, where she gained essential skills for the healthcare industry but also saw firsthand the significant misunderstanding surrounding health insurance. Specifically, she noted a crippling shortage of software and an overall lack of consideration for the consumer within the health insurance industry.  

Fast forward a few years, when Lin moved to Chicago to pursue a master’s degree in business from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. There, in January 2014, she founded Lumii Health, a company seeking to ease the health insurance process for small businesses.

One of Lin’s classmates had been a developer for Google and Microsoft, with a background in technology. Together, the two combined their skills to begin Lumii Health, assisting employers in securing the best possible health insurance by analyzing their circumstances and then providing recommendations suitable to the company’s unique needs. “We’re a digital health startup that is making it easier for people to make smarter decisions about buying and using their health insurance,” Lin explains.

Lin credits her time at Bethel as influential in her entrepreneurial endeavors, crediting her business and economics professors with helping her establish a personal philosophy of work. “Tim Essenburg in particular shaped my theology of work during my time at Bethel,” she says. “And it he also encouraged me to apply to a top-tier business school—I might not have even tried if it weren’t for him.” Now an alumna, Lin’s interactions with Bethel look different today, but she continues to stay engaged with the Bethel community and currently serves on Bethel’s National Alumni Board.

In the future, Lin hopes to use her business background in various facets of product management. “I’m a product person at heart,” she says. “I love the process of creating a vision for what a product should be, developing the user experience around it, then making that vision come to life.”