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Employees Honored with Core Value Mark of Distinction

Employees Honored with Core Value Mark of Distinction

MaryKay Bursaw, Carolyn Barr, and Craig Paulson recently received the new Core Value Mark of Distinction.

The Core Value Mark of Distinction is one of the newest awards created in this year’s redesign of the employee recognition program. The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward employees who consistently live out Bethel’s core values, positively impact department goals, constructively serve the Bethel community, and advance Bethel’s mission and vision.

The first recipients of this nomination-based award include Carolyn Barr, senior administrative assistant, and MaryKay Bursaw, academic affairs coordinator, who received recognition as Christ-followers; and Craig Paulson, professor of education and program director, doctor of educational leadership, who received the award for being salt and light.

Barr was nominated as an example of Bethel’s Christ-follower core value. “Carolyn is consistently kind, gracious, grateful, and rejoicing in all things,” says President Jay Barnes. “The way that she welcomes people, goes above and beyond to be helpful, puts people at ease in tense situations, patiently works through complex situations, and does it all without elevating herself – this is remarkable!”

Ralph Gustafson, executive minister for church relations, made similar comments about Bursaw as a fellow Christ-follower. “MaryKay has encouraged, served, blessed, and been an example to many at Bethel, particularly to those who serve as support staff,” he says. “She is generous with her time and gifts. She has a great deal of energy and puts it to use in serving people above and beyond. She has reached out to, ministered to, and lifted up members of our community through prayer, the gift of time, and being a great listener.”

Associate Professor Tracy Reimer recognized Paulson as an example of what living out Bethel’s salt and light core value looks like. “I repeatedly hear Bethel staff and faculty members state that Craig is the most passionate and enthusiastic person they encounter,” she says. “Students often share with me that Craig inspires them to be public intellectuals, to be difference-makers not only in their school but in their communities. Craig's efforts lead to transformational learning experiences for students, and he empowers students, staff, and faculty to do incredible things throughout the world.”

A five-member selection committee representing all schools and various roles within the Bethel community reviewed all nominations and selected these three individuals as the first award recipients. The three were honored at a recent Executive Leadership Team meeting, where they were awarded the Core Value Mark of Distinction and each received a $250 check and a custom-made Bethel fleece jacket.

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