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Q&A: Jillian Helleloid

Q&A: Jillian Helleloid

Jillian Helleloid ’05 works as the student employee coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid.

At Bethel, we’re committed to keeping Bethel as affordable as possible for students. One option students have is an on-campus employment opportunity. We asked Jillian Helleloid ’05, student employee coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid, to answer a few questions for Bethel parents. Here’s what she had to say:

What do you like most about working at Bethel? I really enjoy working with college students. They liven up the work environment and make every day different!

What should parents know about student employment? On-campus student employment is a great way for students to get work experience on their resumes. I worked in the Office of Financial Aid as a student, and it helped prepare me for my first job after college. Now I am back at Bethel working in the same office! It is also a great way for students to meet new people and get connected on campus.

How many Bethel students have campus jobs, and how much do they typically earn in their positions? In the 2014-2015 school year there were 1,374 students working on campus working in over 2,000 jobs. Most students work about 10 hours a week.

Are there jobs available for students this fall, and how can students go about finding a position? Yes, we have many job openings that can be found on our website. Students should contact the department they want to work for directly. The job postings are updated all the time, so I recommend checking back often to view new positions.

Has anything changed recently about student employment? Minimum wage laws have impacted how much students are being paid. In August 2015, the minimum wage is increasing from $8 to $9 per hour. In August of 2016, the minimum wage will increase to $9.50.

How can parents find out more about student employment opportunities? Parents can look at our website or email student-employment@bethel.edu with their questions.

If you could go back to college and work in any campus position, which one would you choose? I loved working in the Office of Financial Aid as a student, and I don't think I would change that! It helped prepare me for jobs after college, and now I have even found a career in the same field. If I had to choose something different, I think it would be fun to be an usher in Benson Great Hall, because I’d get to attend the awesome concerts and performances!