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Bethel’s Moms in Prayer Ready to Start a New Year

Bethel’s Moms in Prayer Ready to Start a New Year

Bethel's Moms in Prayer group will hold a kick-off meeting on September 21.

As new students get ready to start at Bethel University and continuing students return to campus next month, Bethel’s Moms in Prayer begins a series of regular gatherings to pray for Bethel. The group will hold a kick-off event September 21 from 7-8 p.m. in the Eastlund before two weekly groups—and one email chain—get started in October.

“During the September kick-off event, we will welcome moms who have Bethel students of all ages and give them an overview of the national Moms in Prayer organization, as well as our Bethel organization,” explains Cindi Nickel, one of the group’s leaders. “We also will help demonstrate the format of how we pray—we have a specific format from national headquarters—and help moms get connected into a group: morning, evening, or email.”

This year there will be a Monday morning group that will meet from 9:30-11 a.m. and another on Monday evenings from 7-8:15 a.m., both on the 4th level of Brushaber Commons. There is also an email group if moms can’t travel to Bethel regularly.

Between the three groups offered last year, about 20 mothers prayed consistently for Bethel, Nickel says. Nickel’s daughter Megan will be a sophomore at Bethel this fall. She recalls one time last year when a new mom joined their group and prayed for Megan. “As she prayed for my daughter, I could not believe that she didn’t know my Megan personally,” Nickel says. “It was amazing how specifically this mom prayed for Megan’s needs. But she said the Holy Spirit just impressed things on her heart so she knew how to pray! Those are the things that are amazing to see.”

Nickel understands that joining a group like this is a commitment and some moms might not feel like they have the time, but she can attest that “even though I don’t always want to make the time to go to Bethel and pray, I am always blessed by it. And because of that blessing and encouragement, I make it a priority,” she says.

Bethel’s group of praying moms is a branch of the international organization Moms in Prayer. Visit the Bethel Moms in Prayer website for more information.