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Employees Awarded Core Value Mark of Distinction

Employees Awarded Core Value Mark of Distinction

Melanie Eslinger (left), Cheryl Gregg (not pictured), and Diane Krusemark (right) were awarded the Spring 2016 Core Value Mark of Distinction.

Three employees were awarded the Spring 2016 Core Value Mark of Distinction, an esteemed award that recognizes employees who consistently live out Bethel’s core values, help achieve department goals, constructively serve the Bethel community, and advance Bethel’s mission and vision.

Melanie Eslinger, Christ-follower

Assistant Director of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies

Eslinger has worked in the Office of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies since 2001. Christina Chyerez, former international programs coordinator and longtime coworker of Eslinger, recognized her as an individual who consistently demonstrates what being a Christ-follower entails. “Melanie's Christ-like character is evident in the way she humbly serves our students, assists other staff and faculty, and handles the everyday office tasks with precision, detail, and professionalism,” Chyerez says. “Melanie cheerfully and graciously serves in her role, and those around her are encouraged by her thoughtfulness, positivity, and creativity.”

During her 15 years of service at Bethel, Eslinger has served on the Staff Appreciation Day Committee and the Guatemala Term Advisory Committee, and she has also demonstrated her commitment to international studies by serving at the Minnesota Study Abroad Returnee Conference.

“She also attends program-provider board meetings as directed and consistently makes herself available as a wise resource for other departments that interface with our office and other study abroad offices that need assistance,” Chyerez says. “Melanie’s passion for helping others helps advance Bethel's mission and vision.”

Cheryl Gregg, Character-builder

Associate Dean of Bethel Seminary of the East

According to David Clark, vice president and dean of Bethel Seminary, Gregg served with distinction from her first day at Bethel Seminary of the East (BSOE) until two years after its official closure. “After the teach-out was announced, many BSOE students still chose to finish with Bethel and even traveled to St. Paul for graduation,” Clark says. “This shows Cheryl’s deep dedication, administrative skill, and incredible heart for service. Cheryl's care for students is legendary.”

Ross Jahnke, associate dean of academic operations, applauded Gregg’s professional commitment to Bethel and the BSOE students during the teach-out time of this seminary program. “Bethel has a responsibility (ethically and accreditation-required) to provide teach-outs when we close a campus or a program,” Jahnke says. “Cheryl's expertise and care for students allowed Bethel to fulfill its obligation to care for BSOE students through the teach-out.”

“As a testament to Cheryl's character through these difficult times, her BSOE students have accepted their transition with positive attitudes,” says Nick Matchefts, director of seminary internship and placement. “Many have traveled to St. Paul to participate in commencement here. And they have continued to express gratitude and enthusiasm for Bethel despite the disruptions they have experienced in their education.”

Diane Krusemark, World-changer

Associate Registrar for College of Arts & Sciences

During her five years of service, Krusemark has demonstrated what it looks like to be a world-changer on Bethel’s own campus. “Diane could not be a better example of someone who is honored to assist in the educational experiences of Bethel students and faculty,” says Chad Osgood, associate professor of human kinetics and applied health science. “She appears to always handle difficult situations with ease and always seems to create options for success. While she is not in a high-level leadership position, she has positively impacted the system and process of registration in a way that has changed Bethel, and very few fully recognize how valuable her presence is.”

According to Katrina Chapman, former registrar, Krusemark has been an invaluable addition to the Office of the Registrar. “She is committed to providing excellent service and gives her all to the purpose and mission of Bethel,” Chapman says. “She does all of this with a positive attitude, even in challenging situations.” 

“Diane has been a tremendous support in my transition to Bethel University,” adds Alissa Allen, associate registrar for CAPS/GS. “She possesses a vast amount of knowledge about how Bethel works that she is always willing to share, and she is gracious in answering questions. She is always striving to make processes more efficient while maintaining integrity in her work. Diane is a leader in the department and has made numerous positive changes that have benefited us all.”

Eslinger, Gregg, and Krusemark were honored in late May at a leadership meeting, where senior management presented them with the Core Value Mark of Distinction. Each recipient received $250 and a custom-made Bethel fleece jacket.