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Free Bible Software for New Bethel Seminary Students

Free Bible Software for New Bethel Seminary Students

Logos Bible software is a premier Bible software product, available free to incoming Bethel Seminary students.

A generous donor family has given Bethel Seminary students a long-lasting gift for the new year. Beginning in spring semester 2017, all new Bethel Seminary students will receive a free license to Logos Bible software, a premier Bible software product that features a suite of digital tools, a robust theological library, and a powerful search engine fine-tuned for Bible study. Newly enrolled students receive Logos Silver Edition, a $999 value, plus Logos Now, an automatic update feature that provides new datasets, interactives, and media, in addition to access to exclusive discounts and benefits.

The free software is available to students for as long as they stay enrolled at Bethel Seminary, and as soon as they complete 15 semester hours of coursework, the software license becomes theirs to keep as a permanent gift to support them in their future ministries. Students who do not complete 15 hours of study are eligible to use the software for all coursework, but the license reverts to Bethel Seminary after these students end their studies there.

“This is a great gift,” says John Peterson, Bethel Seminary professor of Greek. “I’m a strong believer that with software, students can use their Greek for significantly improved exegesis while involved in ministry. In my experience, there are just two types of students who are still reading Greek several years after their seminary studies: students who pursue Ph.D. work, and students who use Bible software.”

While the software gift is designed primarily to support enrollment efforts for new students, current students have a chance to take advantage of Logos to enhance their seminary experience as well. They can purchase the same Logos Silver software product, including Logos Now, at the steeply discounted rate of $200. Current students are not subject to the 15-hour coursework requirement; once purchased at the discounted rate, the software is theirs to keep. Upon graduation, if they want to continue the Logos Now update feature, they can pay a monthly subscription fee.

The donor family who gave this gift “loves students, Bethel, the church, and most of all, God’s word,” says David Clark, Bethel Seminary vice president and dean. The provided software will support the study of God’s word in seminary and beyond, as graduates pursue wide-ranging ministries.