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Employees Awarded For Exhibiting Bethel Core Values

Employees Awarded For Exhibiting Bethel Core Values

Matt Putz (left) and Vicki Sanford (right) received the Spring 2017 Core Value Mark of Distinction.

Two employees were awarded the Spring 2017 Core Value Mark of Distinction, an esteemed award that recognizes employees who consistently live out Bethel’s core values, positively affect department goals, constructively serve the Bethel community, and advance Bethel’s mission and vision.

Matt Putz, Character-builder

Director of Teaching and Learning Technology (TLT)

Putz has been dubbed a character-builder for his ability to develop whole and holy persons through formal and informal mentoring and teaching colleagues, individuals, and teams—time he has frequently and freely given during his nine years of service to Bethel. Kara Wicklund, lead instructional designer for TLT, praised Putz for consistently demonstrating a passion for the holistic development of his team members. “His approach to leadership within the team is instructional in nature, demonstrated through his leadership of book studies within the team and his commitment to individualization for each team member as they continue their professional journeys.”

Wicklund adds that Putz consistently encourages team members to grow in specific ways that allow them to contribute more effectively to the Bethel community. “As a member of a variety of committees, Matt encourages personal and professional growth in other teams as well,” she says. “He challenges his co-workers to remain focused on Bethel’s overall goals and to continue clarifying positive pathways forward, even when challenges arise.”

Vicki Sanford, World-changer

Office Manager of Academic Enrichment and Support Center (AESC)

Sam Mulberry, assistant professor in the Department of History, and Ruth Nelson, associate professor in the Department of Psychology and co-directors of AESC believe lives are changed daily by the small acts of kindness and support Sanford gives to the Bethel community. They remark, “Bethel creates world-changers, but these lives and the world they inhabit are impacted and changed by people like Vicki who they encounter here.”

Mulberry and Nelson praised Sanford’s ability to exercise compassionate leadership through her listening skills and take-action manner. “Vicki has her ears to the ground, listening for ways we can improve our systems and—most importantly—address the current, complex, nonroutine issues that arise.” Likewise, Mulberry and Nelson say Sanford consistently exhibits an adeptness to support students—whatever their need. “Vicki listens, empathizes, challenges and supports [students], providing hospitality, especially to the vulnerable, and reinforcing positive messages.” They add, “Vicki takes the word ‘support’ to heart—not just academic support and study skills, but emotional encouragement and belief in the students. She cares for each student holistically.”

Putz and Sanford were honored in late May at an Executive Leadership Team meeting, where they were awarded the Core Value Mark of Distinction. Each recipient received a $250 check and a custom-made Bethel fleece jacket.