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Center for Healthcare Excellence Brings Together Students and Industry Leaders

Center for Healthcare Excellence Brings Together Students and Industry Leaders

New Perspective COO Chris Hyatt introduces a panel of senior care industry leaders at an event hosted by Bethel’s Center for Healthcare Excellence. (Photo Credit: Kurt Jarvi '18)

As the healthcare industry continues to grow and thrive, Bethel makes sure to connect its students with healthcare companies looking for the valuable skills Bethel graduates offer. During a recent lunch event, students did just that. Hosting the event was Bethel’s Center for Healthcare Excellence, which is dedicated to providing students with experiences that will help them find the healthcare career they will love.

On October 25, several CEOs and top leaders of major Twin Cities senior care organizations joined students over lunch. Five of those leaders also took part in a panel discussion about the senior care industry and career opportunities at their companies. The wide range of careers available in the senior care industry was good news for many of the students present, many of whom major in areas like business and political science. “It’s a high, high growth business,” said Scott Riddle ’79, the CEO of Walker Methodist. Riddle also serves on Bethel Foundation’s Board of Governors.

“There’s opportunity galore,” said Todd Novaczyk, CEO of New Perspective. “This industry is going to require a tremendous amount of leadership in any given function that you can think of.” He went on to name some of the many career paths available to students in the senior care industry, such as finance, sales, marketing, operations—in addition to careers in direct medical care.

Michelle Kim ’92, from talent development at Presbyterian Homes, later added to Novacyzk’s list: international business, design, training, and analytics. “Truly there are lots of opportunities for people with business degrees,” she said. Kim graduated from Bethel with a degree in communications and business. “There is great need,” Kim added, and employees have “great passion” for what they do.

Most of the panelists had experience in a variety of industries before they entered the senior care industry, but they’re glad they did. Said Cheri Almquist, a leader at Elim Care in human resources, “This has been the most rewarding position that I have had… everything I do trickles down and goes into the care of our residents.”

Students were able to ask questions via an app, and those questions were then displayed on a screen at the front of the room. After the event, students stayed to network with the senior care leaders and to ask them additional questions.

Panelists included: Cheri Almquist, human resources, Elim Care; Dan Dixon, CEO, Guardian Angels; Michelle Kim, talent development, Presbyterian Homes; Todd Novaczyk, CEO, New Perspective; and Scott Riddle, CEO, Walker Methodist.  

Additional leaders in attendance who also networked with students included: Beth Deneau, chief clinical officer, Walker Methodist; Chris Hyatt, partner and COO, New Perspective; and Anneliese Peterson, vice president of operations, Walker Methodist.